Identify and create new opportunities by working with a team of earth system scientists, business developers and design thinkers, to be equipped to explore and create the future you want to live in.

01 Research & analysis

Understand where you have the greatest impact through your own data and our materiality analysis. Listen to what science needs you to do.

02 Future scenarios

Explore and create narrative scenarios using science fiction prototyping to help future proof your business and guide your strategy work.

03 strategy

Understand, simplify and prioritise research into missions and strategies that are relevant and achievable for you as a company.

04 activation

Activate your goals, strategies and pathways towards the future. Build coalitions and networks to intiate joint action with most relevant actors in the system.

05 learning & development

Tackle complex challenges in the system through working with models,  frameworks and co-creation.

06 capacity building

Understand which roles and capacities are needed in the system for transformation and build your  organization’s leadership accordingly.

”During the establishment of our Sustainability Innovation Lab, we have been able to access leading sustainability expertise in the Nordic region. To use planetary research from Stockholm Resilience Centre, and translating this into actionable insights for us and our partners, we chose to work with the planet tech firm Planethon. It has been tremendous to work with this team as they've brought methodology and expertise for the scientific foundation in development of the Lab's mission and focus areas”

Malin Berge
Vice President Strategic Growth - Mastercard

Mastercard - Strategic direction and focus for the Sustainability Innovation Lab.

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Pacers - Set the pace, in the race. For the planet.

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Sci-Fi Prototyping - Imagine the future and reinvent how you develop your business.

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Orkla Foods Sweden - Shift to a sustainable food system.

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Our process and toolkit helps you navigate uncertainties in different areas underpinned by science. We help you move with speed, accuracy and impact.

A Truly data driven

We use actionable insights from our Platform as a starting point to identify problems and opportunities. Powered by AI, made smarter by Humans.

B SCience X design thinking

Data Intelligence meets speed through our Planet Centric Experience Framework. Make smarter decisions to solve urgent problems.

c collective action

Complex problems are best solved collaboratively. Our tools and methods increases collaboration between actors, companies, artists and scientists.

Future earth, future human

Use science based ficton, to imagine a future you want to create. We live in a world of exponential growth, to create the future we want to live in, we must imagine it first.

Our tool is based on research, a condensation of 150 science reports by Dr. Andrew Merrie, identifying socio-ecological tipping points across different domains. Create your own scenarios or use Planethon’s to workshop around the future of your industry.

Big Hairy Audacious Goal

People overestimate what they can do in 1 year and underestimate what they can do in 10 years. In this 3 hour taster session of the Planet Centric Business Design Framework, learn about the state of the planet, explore which are the major problems to be solved and set your path to a BHAG in 10 years.

Expected outcome is a goal statement that you wish to achieve in the next 10 years.

What do you mean with Planet Centric?
What do you mean with Planet Centric?
What do you mean with Planet Centric?