Mastercard - 10.11.2021

Setting up the direction, global strategy and operating model for sustainable innovation which accelerates the profitable business and impact of a financial services provider.

Mastercard decided to set up a global strategy for sustainable innovation which builds on existing profitability of the core business while creating new opportunities for sustainability-led growth

They partnered with Planethon to work on a set of missions at the intersection of science backed challenges and business areas which benefit both people and the planet.

We applied our Planet Centric Business Design Process to apply insights from scientific research into Mastercard’s existing business and innovate around focus areas which had the potential of making the most impact while setting up a pipeline of ready to market products.

The strategy brought together Planethon's unique approach with Mastercard’s existing strategic components, initiatives and strengths  to define what innovation for sustainability would look like.

By the end of our work together, Mastercard was already putting the strategy into action and the Lab was launched during 2021.

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”During the establishment of our Sustainability Innovation Lab, we have been able to access leading sustainability expertise in the Nordic region. To use planetary research from Stockholm Resilience Centre, and translating this into actionable insights for us and our partners, we chose to work with the planet tech firm Planethon. It has been tremendous to work with this team as they've brought methodology and expertise for the scientific foundation in development of the Lab's mission and focus areas”

Malin Berge
Vice President Strategic Growth - Mastercard