planethon and spotify collaborate in audio dramas about the future

Planethon and Spotify collaborates on 3 science inspired audio dramas about the future

It is with great excitement that Planethon can share our latest collaboration. Twentyseventytwo is a series of audio dramas developed by Spotify and written by Tuva Novotny, Henrik Björn and Nathalie Álvarez Mesén, all 3 prominent Swedish writers and film directors. These dramas have sprung out of scientific scenarios created by Planethon and the writers collaborated with Dr. Andrew Merrie, PhD, head of Futures at Planethon throighout the process. In the stories we get to experience what it is like to live in different possible futures 50 years down the line. The stories are told by Gizem Kling Erdogan, Edvin Ryding and Maxida Märak.

Planethon initiated this project to highlight the powerful role that cultural platforms and artists can take in the transformation to a just and sustainable society. Culture and art help shape what we all believe to be possible and in this holds an irreplaceable role as we all now need to expand our vision of the future and beliefs about ourselves as creators of that future.

Spotify holds great social influence and at their best they can truly enable positively impactful content reaching millions of daily listeners.

Planethon has over recent years developed a futures offering, as part of our growing impact agency in which leaders, companies and organisations are guided in activating and accelerating action in the right direction.

“Our commitment is to build creative, compelling, scientifically grounded and analytically sound future scenarios that put the planet at the centre of our collective drive towards a more sustainable future. Our scenarios operate in conversation with and challenge the choices and decisions taken in business and culture today. This approach has generated a powerful way for progressive companies and organisations to include serious engagement with their own future and that of the planet in strategy and development work that is grounded in their current realities“ - Charlotte Sundåker, CEO @ Planethon

Please listen to the first two episodes of Twentyseventytwo on Spotify originals right here: