Atrium Ljungberg


One of Atrium Ljungberg’s sustainability goals is to run at least two development programs every year for the suppliers to jointly develop the sustainability work and find new solutions. The ambition and recognised need is to cross pollinate ideas, learnings and insights throughout the value chain including both building and property management and maintenance.

Planethon developed a format and a process for the development program. The program included methods and a canvas tool enabling the participants to co-create around opportunities. The program was designed to be repeatable, with minor adaptations to fit the different target groups over time, while also building sustainability and transformation capabilities.

 “Vi sökte en partner som delade vårt djupa miljöintresse och kunde vara ett värdefullt bollplank för att utveckla vårt arbetssätt och strategi framåt. Planethon var den partnern och har hjälpt oss accelerera vår förändringskraft både som team och med våra portföljbolag.”

Henrik Flygar
Partner - Alder

 “Competent, with a strong skill set, Planethon is transformational, able to make complex matters simple.”

Arash Raisse
Partner - Alder

”Developing the methodology for the program together with Planethon has been very instructive. But above all, the program sessions have been very much appreciated by the participants. The participants have stated that it is valuable to have opportunities to be able to discuss the complexities that exist around sustainability challenges in our industry, to find new solutions and ways of working.”

Saga Wennberg Jernberg

Sustainability Manager, Atrium Ljungberg