EXHIBITION COLLABORATION - "The Echo Chamber" by Swedish surrealist master photographer Erik Johansson explores themes linked to the power of perception as a key force through three interlinked works. Different scenarios illustrate how shifts in our own perception of the world can open up paths to a brighter future. Planethon provided research and knowledge support throughout the development phase of the exhibition collaborating with our partners as well as taking the lead in developing the texts for the exhibition. Catch the exhibition before it ends!

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SWEDISH FORESIGHT NETWORK - Our own Head of Futures and Research Lead Andrew Merrie were recently appointed Co-Vice Chairperson for Swedish Foresight Network. A network where professionals in foresight, futures studies, scenario-analysis, and related from business, research, and public sector, come together with the purpose of promoting futures literacy, that is, the skill to identify, analyze, and use possible, reasonable, and desirable futures. Together they contribute to strengthening the capacity to deal with future possibilities and challenges in an anticipatory way, strengthening resilience in participating actors and society at large.

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CLIMATE WEEK NYC - Planethon had the honor of being part of Sweden's official business delegation of Business Sweden - taking the stage on Climate Week NYC to emphasize the critical importance of resilient and sustainable cities. We shared #IamNYC2050 live at the event. It's not just a story; it's a glimpse into NYC's journey towards net zero and beyond. We use NYC as a shining example to showcase the innovative solutions and capabilities of Sweden’s pioneering companies and institutions in driving global climate action forward.

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If it’s not good for the planet, it’s not good enough for us. We put the planet first, by being backed by science
Using the principles of design thinking, collaboration and co-creation in everything we do, we make the journey rewarding and the results outstanding.
We’re in the business of making a difference, with focus on creating lasting value in harmony with nature.
Joy is a serious thriving strategy when we’re tackling the big challenges and solving problems. We work best when we have fun.
We strive for a good level of order and at the same time allow breaking rules, make room for new perspectives and constantly reiterate our structure.
We don’t give up. We keep trying even if it’s seemingly impossible. Stopping is not an option.

Our journey started when we realized the enormous and untapped potential of sustainability science built on an understanding that people and planet are intertwined in social-ecological systems.  That this was the detailed map to understand and navigate through complex, global problems.

This thinking has provided a new perspective on what it means to do business in a world where humanity is the largest driver of climate and environmental problems. Humans are in the driving seat. Even more importantly, this social-ecological map can help us support businesses to find the pathways to a sustainable future and be part of the team securing our planet as a safe and resilient home for future generations.

The world of business holds great responsibility and opportunity to drive the transformation of what and how we produce, consume and experience in our everyday lives. Although there is broad consensus across business landscapes around the urgency of innovating towards a sustainable future, available processes are slow and tools are inadequate.

The radical shifts needed demand new levels of speed, accuracy, scale and collaboration. To accomplish systems change, we need to move from hyper-competition and individual performance to collective intelligence, sensemaking and hyper-collaboration.

Charlotte Sundåker
Charlotte has a background in digital and sustainable change management, previous CEO at Hyper Island, Founder of Ownershift, and is your partner in crime when you need to unleash disruptive ideas.
Klara Kviberg
Klara has extensive experience in process design, change management and leadership, and is your certified coach and facilitator when you need to develop businesses and teams fit for the 21st century.
Carina Johed
Carina has a background in data-driven business development, previous CIO at SEB, and is your expert guide when you need to leverage data and tech to stay ahead.
Ingrid Höög
Ingrid is a solid business leader, former CEO of Wise Group AB (publ), growing people and knowledge-based companies within a range of industries - often pioneering new fields and finding ways to let these thrive in your business.
Andrew Merrie
Futures Lead
Andrew is a recognised scientist in the field of futures, holds a PhD in Sustainability Science, and is your guy when you need the radical science.
Fredrika Yngwe
Futures Strategist
Fredrika holds a MSc in Sustainable Development and is your go-to when you need to translate science to business value.
Sarah Bengtsson
Partnerships & Growth Lead
Sarah is an avid climate communicator with a diverse career spanning investment management, B2B SaaS, and startup tech. She is your rock when building partnerships for highest impact.
Fredrik Moberg
Fredrik is an experienced scientist, science communicator and sustainability expert. He is co-director of Albaeco and holds a PhD in systems ecology. He is your go-to when you want to turn science into practice in your organization.