Maximize impact with a data driven and scientific approach

Navigate complexity and uncertainty through scenario based planning

De-risk your strategic bets by seeing white spaces in the future

Learn and communicate science and insights through storytelling

Look into the future - we are building a data platform for science-based foresight. We use the latest technologies in data analysis to bring you the decision material and capabilities needed for keeping up with the scientific development of how our planet operates and the urgent actions needed. Connect it to your data to get tailored insights and recommended actions that best fit your capabilities.

“On top of their graph database, Planethon is able to build tooling that enables companies to optimize their investments and strategies to attain real sustainability goals, rooted in scientific research.”

Alessandro Svensson
Head of Neo4j Innovation Lab

01. Futures

Immerse yourself into a future earth. Experience what our current understanding and actions will lead to. Collaborate with your team to ideate on changed consumer behavior, future business offerings and transformation activities.

02. Tailored
Futures Scenarios

Chart out possible futures and the way to get there through scenario building. Combine your own data with our social ecological data to simulate possible futures. Visualize and manifest the preferred future for your company.

03. Development

Get early access to experiencing our future scenario tool by signing up as a beta partner. A beta partner will get the ability to add requirements into the development and to use the tool in beta.

04. Futures
Capacity Game

Use our game for imagining possible futures and the path towards them. Explore roles and capabilities needed for a just transition towards that future. You can play the game in a lab or in a video setting.
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