Imagine the future and reinvent how you develop your business with the future of the planet as a starting point.

With the support of Sci-Fi prototyping we have created 4 scenarios of the future to put you in the year 2050 and inspire action today. Imagining the future creates space for exploration and Innovation and, the possibility to change the present for the better.

The core methodology is the mashing up of art, storytelling and science as a means to introduce innovations into science, engineering, business and socio-political systems. The approach doesn't aim to forecast the 'one future', rather it focuses on exploring the potential directions in which the future might evolve by extrapolating forward trends from research & foresight activities (creating new concepts, schemes, services and products). A major output that forms the foundation for the exloration of the future are science-fiction prototypes, narrative scenarios grounded in existing practice and real data which are written & presented for the explicit purpose of acting as a way for companies to test out the future of their business under a range of diverse future scenarios.

The approach in this work envisions multiple plausible futures and is focused on supporting those who use the scenarios and build on them to enhance preparedness and build capacities in the present to be able to better navigate diverse, co-emergent (uncertain) futures.

“The value of imaginative “fictional” approaches is not in the false promise of “predicting the future” – but rather to engage with a set of plausible and complex futures. When certain trends in social and economic systems express themselves, individuals and institutions can read the signs, interpret them, and act."

– Dr Andrew Merrie