WWF Sweden's commitment to drive "Transformative change and innovation" is an ambitious and important goal, and they have taken several steps to address the challenges of implementing this effectively.The organisation recognised the need for a strategic approach that addresses the challenges of building transformation capacity, fostering innovation, and seeking external science-based support. The goal was to ensure that the strategic approach effectively drives change within the organisation.

Planethon played a critical role in supporting WWF Sweden's efforts to build internal capacity and knowledge. We conducted a systems assessment and designed an action learning process for a series of cross-collaborative workshops aimed at developing a common language and internal strategic competence.

In addition, we facilitated a futures lab, which brought together employees, scientists and experts to explore past experiences, create future scenarios, and activate the learnings from the future.

 “Vi sökte en partner som delade vårt djupa miljöintresse och kunde vara ett värdefullt bollplank för att utveckla vårt arbetssätt och strategi framåt. Planethon var den partnern och har hjälpt oss accelerera vår förändringskraft både som team och med våra portföljbolag.”

Henrik Flygar
Partner - Alder

 “Competent, with a strong skill set, Planethon is transformational, able to make complex matters simple.”

Arash Raisse
Partner - Alder

“The collaboration with Planethon has been very rewarding, giving us very good support, inspiration, structure and energy in setting up inclusive processes, testing different methods and taking part in research. Planethon's innovative work at the forefront has helped us in our search for more transformative ways of working.”

Gunilla Elsässer

Head of Climate, Food & Energy - WWF Sweden