During 2022, Riksbyggen’s ambitious climate targets were approved by the Science Based Targets Initiative. With a focus on securing engagement and decision making within the production team, Riksbyggen set out to create a roadmap for not only what to achieve but also how. How to create alignment and activate change by making the process inclusive and engaging with the ultimate goal of future proofing Riksbyggen.

Planethon created a process design for the roadmap, including a step by step approach, key focus areas and prioritised actions to enable change. Planethon introduced methods to evolve ways of working with the purpose of engaging the teams, opening up for new solutions, learning about challenges and opportunities and speeding up the climate agenda.

To halve the emissions, Riksbyggen are now working on two main tracks. One regards to setting and implementing requirements for procurement in all new construction projects. The second to offer a wide range of possible project-specific actions for which project managers are encouraged to take their own initiatives and make innovative solutions suited for the project.

 “Vi sökte en partner som delade vårt djupa miljöintresse och kunde vara ett värdefullt bollplank för att utveckla vårt arbetssätt och strategi framåt. Planethon var den partnern och har hjälpt oss accelerera vår förändringskraft både som team och med våra portföljbolag.”

Henrik Flygar
Partner - Alder

 “Competent, with a strong skill set, Planethon is transformational, able to make complex matters simple.”

Arash Raisse
Partner - Alder

“Riksbyggen has long experience of putting sustainability at the core and together with Planethon we created a process to enable us to take further leaps in a sustainable direction. Working with the team at Planethon put us quickly on the right path, we engaged the team internally and got a roadmap on how to proceed that we are now implementing in our everyday action.”

Lina Öien

Head of Sustainable Development - Riksbyggen