Mediafy, the Nordic region's leading magazine subscription distributor, aims to level up their sustainability efforts and future-proof their business. They sought the support of Planethon for research, insight, to develop a sustainability strategy, prioritise actions, and increase knowledge on sustainability within the entire organisation.

Steps towards strategic direction: To set the current state a materiality analysis and a climate footprint analysis were made. With the analysis in mind, a sustainability strategy was created in close collaboration between Mediafy and Planethon including overall goals, focus areas and prioritised actions. Planethon introduced methods of co-creation to engage the teams in learning about the challenges as well as be part of identifying opportunities and creating solutions.

 “Vi sökte en partner som delade vårt djupa miljöintresse och kunde vara ett värdefullt bollplank för att utveckla vårt arbetssätt och strategi framåt. Planethon var den partnern och har hjälpt oss accelerera vår förändringskraft både som team och med våra portföljbolag.”

Henrik Flygar
Partner - Alder

 “Competent, with a strong skill set, Planethon is transformational, able to make complex matters simple.”

Arash Raisse
Partner - Alder

The result was a strategy aligned with business objectives and stakeholder expectations. Mediafy and Planethon also developed a set of supply chain criterias and key questions to ask suppliers and partners and lead the way in transitioning to sustainable and circular solutions throughout the value chain.

Steps towards Activation: Providing a roadmap with actionable steps, KPIs, and implementation plans to activate the sustainability strategy.

Knowledge Up-skill: Conducting speaking sessions and workshops to enhance employees' knowledge and understanding of sustainability.

One year later, the Mediafy team considered themselves more skilled to make the right decisions as well as having the confidence to do so.

"I couldn’t be happier with our partnership with Planethon, in developing and implementing our sustainability strategy. Their expertise and guidance have been invaluable in helping us create a more responsible and sustainable future for Mediafy, our stakeholders and the planet. We still have a far way left on our journey, but we are moving in the right direction and taking small improving steps almost every day. Together, we’re not only making a difference, but also setting an example for others to follow.”

Cecilie Moxheim

CEO, Mediafy AB