Mastercard officially opened the Sustainability Innovation Lab on May 22 2022. Planethon was approached to create a lab visitor experience. We wanted to create a memorable experience immersing Mastercard’s clients and partners to imagine a future in which the lab succeeded with its ambition of enabling 3 billion consumers to make more sustainable decisions, through the Mastercard services, partners and global network.

Planethon developed 4 science backed future narratives, based in 2070’s. Built using a hybrid of structured futures methods including the Manoa method, Strategic Worldbuilding, Science Fiction Prototyping.

We imagined a world where we managed to stay below 2 degrees celsius according to the Paris Agreement. This scenario narrative takes the form of a series of conversations between protagonist Morgan and her assistant, Zora. Drawing on broad scenario themes linked to areas of strategic focus for Mastercard. We covered different moments and experiences over the course of a week to shed light on different parts of the future world through the eyes of Morgan.

We delivered 4 stories based in an audio format along with visual illustrations to support the stories. Along with the  scientific and logical breakdown make up the scenario as well as the accompanying visual artefacts. We also gave a set guide and tools to support experiencing the scenario and how to use the future to support decisions towards sustainable futures in the present.

Want to experience the Mastercard futures?

Imagining a future where a fleet of hydrofoiling, zero carbon, super fast cargo vessels navigated by swarm intelligence. Items are bundled together in cargo pods that are reusable, modular, and recyclable. This pod is picked up by this Xiphia ‘flying fish’ drone (so-called because it floats and flies) and transported to a coastal departure zone where it lands in the water and joins the rest of the swarm. It then races across the ocean at 50 knots, powered by sail and solar, until it reaches its destination and lifts off once again for the final phase of the delivery of the pod and the goods within it.

Excerpt from "
Zero Carbon Impulse" - one of the four stories for Mastercard futures. Describing the image below.

 “Vi sökte en partner som delade vårt djupa miljöintresse och kunde vara ett värdefullt bollplank för att utveckla vårt arbetssätt och strategi framåt. Planethon var den partnern och har hjälpt oss accelerera vår förändringskraft både som team och med våra portföljbolag.”

Henrik Flygar
Partner - Alder

 “Competent, with a strong skill set, Planethon is transformational, able to make complex matters simple.”

Arash Raisse
Partner - Alder