Harnessing the power of pioneers and champions.

Get inspired by the pioneers in planet positive development and create the future with them through partnerships and funding.
The ongoing and rapidly evolving Planetary Champions research project has been underway since 2019.

The research provides insight into the capacities needed for navigating large-scale and systemic transformations towards sustainable and just futures. It also provides insight on how technology and digitalization, as part of systems innovation, can contribute to such transformations.

The project draws on research into transformations and hence the recognition that new ways of living on Earth are needed to maintain the Earth system’s resilience (ability to respond in variety of ways to both slow and fast change processes) in the face of numerous messy socio-environmental challenges and to avoid crossing planetary boundaries.

A Champion is an initiative that seeks to bring about a sustainability transformation. It does not mean that they have come far in this process, nor that they will be able to achieve a sustainability transformation on their own. Instead it is a recognition that they are a key actor lying somewhere along this pathway toward the implementation of a sustainability transformation.

To map Champions we have developed a research template together with researchers at the Stockholm Resilience Centre, Stockholm University.

The Champions are incorporated into our Platform to support the transformation cases that drive our business and to catalyse systems change through partnerships and funding.