Pacers is a planet positive movement grounded in science. Equal part learning program and ecosystem, designed for people with the will and power to inform society about social-ecological science and influence action in the right direction. Pacers commit to interpret, make sense of, and share knowledge and stories of systems change.
Set the pace. In the race. For the planet.
Who qualifies
You probably identify as an artist, influencer or change leader. You have a platform of influence, in public or behind important doors. You are willing to engage in public dialogue around sustainability topics, and have a clear desire to learn more. Your aim is to set a new direction for a planet positive future and become a beacon of informed hope.
"I am part of Pacers to connect the new narrators and changemakers with the latest research on transformation into a just and sustainable world."
- Per Olsson, Transformations Research Lead at Stockholm Resilience Centre & Co-founder of Pacers
What you will get
Planethon Pacers is a rare opportunity to learn from science, to interact and collaborate with scientists, experts, champion business leaders and influential peers.

We aim to equip you with knowledge and tools that guide you to bring the planet perspective wherever you go.
A few people in the first batch of Pacers
How it works
Across 3 live online sessions + 1 Live check-in / kick-off you will work with your fellow Pacers to discuss, reflect, explore and co-create ideas for how to inspire followers and fans to take sustainable action. That is the entry point to the growing Pacers ecosystem with curated content, and people to learn from and engage with long-term.

1. Three live Sessions & Weekly Tasks
1.  Systems Thinking
How to understand your role in changing the world
2.  Transformation
How to accelerate systems change by doing
3.  Storytelling
How to unlock ways to make people care & act
2. Ecosystem
Access to Pacers sprawling ecosystem that aims to enable more planet positive people, businesses and societies.
– Curated news & insights feed
– New collaborations & partnerships
– Learn from scientists, experts & peers
– Co-create new content
– Learning coaches & advisors
Join the Pacers program
Batch.three starting soon. If you're interested to join, fill out the form below to tell us who you are and why you want to join. We’ll keep you posted.
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