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Hello from the tech team, We are building a science engine for planet centric business intelligence. Making full use of Earth science as a guide in how business is built. Our goal is to turn big scary problems, like climate change, into planetary opportunities previously unseen. We do it by applying graph theory and AI to Earth science, technology and new frontiers of entrepreneurship.

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We collaborate with scientists and researchers at the Stockholm Resilience Centre; a leading institution focused on understanding our planet and the challenges facing humanity.


It all starts with the planet. And ends with it. Earth science data is analysed, connected and transformed with AI to create new insights. The platform is centered around a Graph that is exposing data through a GraphQL API to our fronts Planethon Intelligence and Planethon Learning.

We use the voice of the planet as input for Strategy, Business Development, Investments, Collaboration and Learning to create a healthier planet!

We are currently exploring different solutions of telling a compelling story with data. Are you fascinated by creating a data story based on underlying data, a sharp narrative and beautiful visualizations? Please connect and share your vision! An amazing data story

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