Planethon is inspired by research developed at the Stockholm Resilience Centre, Stockholm university. Our platform and methods are informed by the latest insights about the social-ecological systems that make up Earth.


Planetary boundaries

The planetary boundaries concept presents a set of nine planetary boundaries within which humanity can continue to develop and thrive for generations to come. They were identified in a research project led by scientists at the Stockholm Resilience Centre, Stockholm University, and the planetary boundaries now guide our work at Planethon.

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The Champions Project

Planetary champions are companies becoming successful by working on solutions to urgent social and planetary challenges. We have begun to map the world of Champions through our research, lead by Jacob Hileman, PhD. They represent seeds of the future of planet positive business and their success data will become an integral part of our science engine. Our Champions research will unfold a game change on two levels; Stories of the future of business that will expand your beliefs of what is possible and their success data will help answer how the rest of the world can follow suit.

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Transformations & Systems Entrepreneurship

The research stream on transformations at Stockholm Resilience Centre, together with the Planetary Boundaries, guide our work. Led by our most long standing collaborator Per Olsson, PhD. Per focuses on social-ecological innovations, systems entrepreneurship and the broader scope of transformations to sustainability. Per is also the program lead for the leadership programs BALTICLEAD and Transforming Change.

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A leadership programme designed for system entrepreneurship and transformations to sustainability in the Baltic Sea region and Eastern Europe

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