Stockholm January, 2020

Planethon Meet-up

Do you want to build a planet positive world?
If so, welcome home. Join us on March 4th.

We have set out on the biggest adventure we could possibly make up. To support a transformation of global business into planet positive - we want to see a world in which every single company solves real urgent social-ecological problems. A world in which everybody collaborates for this mission. 

Planethon is our vehicle on this adventure. We have teamed up with the greatest Earth scientists in the world to feed their knowledge into every single investment round, innovation process and company creation out there. We will build and build until the mission is complete.

We help new and old companies and investors to innovate and invest in a planet positive direction. From research to partnering in building up new ventures. 

Now we´re growing fast and we need you. We´re building globally and want people from all corners of the world, you simply need to be the greatest at what you do, the most driven, listening and compassionate of leaders. 

Welcome to come deal with the greatest problems the world has ever seen.

Planethon Meet-up is focused on your aspirations for the future and how that interlinks with our mission. We will connect in Stockholm or by link. Please specify your preference. We look forward to hearing from you.

Last day to apply is Wednesday February 19th.
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Stockholm September, 2019

THREE HORIZONS to the future 

Invitation to a breakfast lab with Bill Sharpe together with Planethon and SRC: On Sep 20th, we have the honor together with Stockholm Resilience Centre at Stockholm University (SRC) to host Bill Sharpe, one of the pioneers of the Three Horizons approach to futures.

During a live lab setup we will explore how "three horizons" may be a way of working on transformative change and a help drawing attention towards systemic patterns and transformative innovations towards planet positivity. 

Three horizons is a simple, intuitive way to encourage a conversation about challenges in the present, our aspirations for the future and the kinds of innovation we might need in order to address both.

We will learn about and work together on:
·  Urgent needs of our planet.
·  Creating clear and joint future visions.
·  Pathways to realising such futures.

You will have the opportunity to share your mission with Bill, founders at Planethon and scientists from SRC.

September 20th, 08.30 - 12.30, Fotografiska, Stockholm 1500 sek + VAT, breakfast included. 
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August, 2019 (Swedish)

Från klimathot till affärsmöjlighet

Välkommen: Du kommer att träna förmågan att driva affärsutveckling från forskarens insikt om vår planet och entreprenörens perspektiv på planetens möjligheter.
"Planethon har hittat tomrummet mellan "thinkers" och "doers" och skapar en nödvändig brygga för att kunna bygga innovation inom planetens gränser"
— Elin Frendberg (Fotografiska/deltagare)
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June, 2019 (Swedish)

Planethon i samarbete med Stockholm Resilience Centre

Målet: att utforska hur forskningens resultat kan användas för att få företag att skapa nya planetpositiva affärer och organisationer som e...
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